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One Platform For All Devices

It’s not the device or screen that matters most, it’s about delivering relevant and timely information. It’s about having a robust platform that manages content and pushes it to any mobile or fixed device.

Our highly-integrated system of three elements comprise the Uniguest Platform. It’s our ‘secret sauce.’ And because it’s an ever-changing platform, we’re constantly evolving to deliver solutions built for today’s – and tomorrow’s – business environments. The Uniguest Platform’s flexibility and customization gives you the right tools to keep your customers informed, engaged and supported.

What helps make Uniguest a leader in mobile and fixed device management is simple. It’s how our Platform enables your content to propagate to every screen throughout your entire network, whether it’s large or small, fixed or mobile, Android, Microsoft, OS X or iOS.

For example, make a content update in the Uniguest content manager, Unicore™, and see it moments later on the relevant devices connected to the Platform.

We say that’s an unparalleled way to reach your customer base, especially with a single information delivery platform.



unicorelogo_xs Unicore™

Unicore™ is Uniguest‘s exclusive content and device management platform, connecting all of our product and solution touchpoints.

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SAlogo_xs Secured Advantage™

SecuredAdvantage is the gold standard for kiosk, business center and session-based security software.

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U-Crew is the extensively-trained, fully-certified, in-house technical support staff that is available 24/7/365.

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