ulocalThere’s a lot to do in your local community and your guests want to know the possibilities. U-Local makes it easy to share your specific recommendations — from what your hotel has to offer, to local area restaurants, entertainment, shopping, activities, points of interest and more.

The U-Local interactive digital sign provides a variety of detailed information:

• Descriptions• Addresses• Phone numbers
• Pictures• Hours of operation• Payment types
• Menus• Distance from your property• Directions that can be printed, emailed or texted to a mobile device

OVERVIEW The U-Local interactive is a guest-use digital concierge that helps guests determine what to do in your local community. From visiting the local park to local night life, U-Local makes it easy for guests to see your specific recommendations. For convenience, directions can be printed, sent to an email address or texted to a mobile device.

FEATURES ›› Information is supplied by you to ensure it’s targeted to your guest demographics ›› Information categories include food, entertainment, activities, shopping, transportation, hotel services and community ›› Detailed information includes restaurant menus, pictures, descriptions, addresses and more ›› Access to news, weather and travel information ›› Language switching ›› Available on a wall-mounted 42” touchscreen or a 23” All-in-One touchscreen computer. Printer options are available too.
INTERFACE The home screen is organized into seven informational categories, and multiple sub-categories, from which all of the content is accessed by your guests. The interface is personalized with your logo and a series of background images to capture your local community’s culture.


SECURITY After a user session ends — upon logout or a pre-set duration of inactivity — UNIGUEST’S proprietary security software, Secured Advantage, quickly deletes every file. This includes every session generated file stored locally, personal information, web browsing history and text box entries. Secured Advantage ensures every user always has a clean session when they start, real-time cyber protection throughout the session and the confidence that their private information is deleted upon log out.
SUPPORT Our fully certified in-house technical support team, the UCrew, is ready to assist 24/7/365 by phone, email and live chat from our global support center located in Nashville, TN.

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