Meet U-Sign

U-Sign is the simplest, most effective and affordable digital signage solution for keeping your guests aware of your property’s activities, services and amenities.

Experience U-Sign

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The right messages in the right places for your guests.

U-Sign keeps things simple with pre-formatted slides.


There’s always a lot going on.

You’ll keep your guests informed and help them get where they need to be on time with the Events slide. Promote the activities happening on-property or even attractions in your local community. The relevant, timely information will be greatly appreciated by your guests.

Here’s what’s cooking.

Your restaurants, bars and dining services are important profit centers for your hotel. The Menu slides lets you continually promote these areas to your guests without having to reprint traditional menus. List your daily specials, selected food items or new drink concoctions…and watch your sales increase.



Say it with pictures.

Show how your property influences the guest experience, raises awareness and drives traffic with images in a Slideshow. Upload images of your services and amenities, common areas and dining options or even create a new revenue stream by advertising local establishments with full-screen images.

Keep your guests prepared.

The Weather slide provides local forecasts at a glance. Your guests will appreciate knowing if they need a jacket or an umbrella as they leave your hotel for a busy day.



It’s like being in the terminal. Only a lot more comfortable.

With the optional FlightStats* slide, your guests will always know if their flight is on schedule because it provides real-time data from your local airport right in your lobby. Now there’s no need for guests to make a call or check a smartphone application.
* yearly subscription

Changes made easy.

Updating content couldn’t be easier. Just log in to the web-based editor and make changes in the pre-formatted areas.

Of course, the design of your U-Sign slides can be how you want it, so your hotel’s brand and messaging will always be front and center.


U-Sign’s hardware is designed to be up and running right out of the box. It consists of an ultra small form factor PC fixed to the back of an LCD or LED screen. Screen sizes vary from 32”-46” in either portrait or landscape orientation, in a standard or ultra thin frame. You can install the hardware yourself, or Uniguest can manage it for you.

The Uniguest Platform

All of Uniguest’s digital products are powered by The Uniguest Platform. This three-part Platform enables us to manage all of our guest-facing devices remotely, protect devices from cyber threats, protect guests’ privacy and ensure maximum uptime.

Unicore™ is Uniguest’s exclusive content and device management platform that connects
all of our digital touchpoints.

  • Content management
  • Device management
  • Application deployment
  • System monitoring

Secured Advantage™ is Uniguest’s exclusive, trusted business center kiosk and session-based security software.

  • Enhances Web and content filtration
  • Complies with Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
  • Data and URL retention set by country-mandated laws
  • Enables customized UI to meet your brand specifications
  • All session and user-generated files are deleted upon log out or after three minutes of idle.

Uniguest’s commitment to excellence is unmatched with our extensively-trained, fully-certified, in-house technical support
staff - the UCrew™

  • 24/7/365 live support
  • Windows and Mac OS X certified
  • Remotely monitors your devices

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