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restaurantmenusRestaurant Menus

Your restaurant’s menu design should reflect the popularity and profitability of your menu selections. And it shall with Uniguest’s design team and printing service. But, we can also help you improve the business side of your restaurant too.

Uniguest’s menu engineering services are here to analyze your POS data and identify your most profitable menu items. The analysis then informs the overall design process, whether it’s for print or the Web, and helps construct other valuable tools for your business.

Web Presence

We can build a website to feature your restaurant’s menu. We can also increase its search engine visibility and create an online ordering platform to produce an additional revenue stream for you.

Nutritional Information

More and more, consumers are exercising discretion and being selective with what they eat.  Let us calculate the nutritional values of your menu items and put this information to good use for you and your customers.

Food Costing

By performing a costing analysis on your entire menu, we can monitor your stock levels, cost menu items more accurately and track your sales and profits. Plus, you’ll be able to monitor your inventory for a clearer view of your needs and overall profitability.


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