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Hospitality technology veterans join Uniguest

Former Amadeus executives Gene Reardon and Lee Horgan bring valuable insight to secure technology provider as CFO and CRO.


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Nashville-based Uniguest, a leading global provider of secure technology and print services, is pleased to announce the addition of Gene Reardon as Chief Financial Officer and Lee Horgan as Chief Revenue Officer.
Both Reardon and Horgan previously worked with Chief Executive Officer Jeff Hiscox at Newmarket International, which was acquired by the travel technology giant, Amadeus, in late 2013. As Newmarket’s CFO, Reardon successfully maneuvered Newmarket through many acquisitions, including the Newmarket-Amadeus acquirement. Post-acquisition, Horgan was named Chief Executive Officer of Amadeus Hospitality.

“Uniguest saw a lot of growth in 2017, and we have even bigger plans for 2018,” Hiscox said. “We released our new platform, Secured Advantage 10, and plan to continue to improve our service offerings throughout the year. Having Lee and Gene on board will ensure things continue to run smoothly, and I am grateful that they decided to join Uniguest.

After the Amadeus acquisition, Reardon successfully managed the integration and transition of financial and tax reporting from a privately held company to the accelerated reporting requirements of a public company. Prior to serving as Newmarket’s CFO, Reardon came on board as the corporate controller and was then named VP of Finance. Reardon is a CPA and CGMA and received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Maine.

“I first joined Uniguest as interim CFO in early 2017,” Reardon said. “Uniguest is making big strides not only within the technology space, but also within the company culture. From early on, I knew it was something I wanted to continue to be a part of.”

As CEO of Amadeus Hospitality, Horgan oversaw several successful enterprise software launches and CRM deployments. Horgan began his career in sales at Newmarket and quickly advanced through the ranks, serving as EVP of Sales and then CTO under Hiscox. He has served on the HSMAI Sales Advisory Board and the MPI Foundation Board. Horgan received his Bachelor of Arts in History from Indiana University.

“Most of my career has been steeped in the hospitality tech industry,” Horgan said. “As I began to learn more about Uniguest and its proprietary security software that serves much of the hospitality industry, it seemed to be the right fit. I am looking forward to expanding our footprint in hospitality as well as the retail business, senior living and apartment industries.”

Uniguest manages and supports more than 27,000 guest-use devices at more than 15,000 locations across 68 countries and territories, serving the hospitality, community living, and retail business industries. Its innovative suite of fully managed and supported solutions includes business centers/social spaces, interactive kiosks, digital signage, purposed tablets, mobile printing, and personalized printing.


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Hospitality technology veterans join Uniguest

Protecting user information from CPU vulnerabilities

There have been two industry-wide, hardware-based security flaws discovered recently by experts at Google Project Zero and other leading security firms. These vulnerabilities, nicknamed Meltdown and Spectre, exploit critical vulnerabilities in modern processors and allow programs to steal data which is processed on the computer. This might include passwords stored in a password manager or browser, personal photos, emails, instant messages and even business-critical documents.

Keeping user information secure is always Uniguest’s #1 priority and we have been taking active steps to address these security flaws. As of January 3, 2018, all of Uniguest’s infrastructure has been updated with the latest patches from Microsoft and Amazon to address the vulnerabilities, and we will be paying close attention to new patches and security updates as they are developed and made available to the public.

To date, Uniguest is unaware of any exploits of these security flaws or any evidence of malicious efforts. Furthermore, the existing protections on your Uniguest managed devices, including their physical security and session-based ephemerality, make the chances of any future exploit with respect to the Meltdown or Spectre security flaws existing on a Uniguest device extremely unlikely.

For more information on the “Meltdown” and “Spectre” CPU vulnerabilities, use the links provided below:

Uniguest and Five Feet to Fitness

NASHVILLE, Tennessee, June 1, 2017 – Uniguest, a leading global provider of secure guest-use technology solutions to the hospitality industry, collaborated with Hilton and its partners to create, deploy, and provide tech support for Hilton’s new in-room Fitness Kiosk. The kiosk is part of Hilton’s larger wellness experience, Five Feet to Fitness.

Learn more from the media coverage links below, or email Uniguest.


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