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Uniguest Group appoints James Keen as its VP of Marketing

 Keen will lead global marketing team including the Uniguest, Touchtown, ONELAN and Tripleplay brands

Nashville, TN, 10th December 2019: Uniguest Group is pleased to announce that James Keen, formerly head of marketing at Tripleplay, has been appointed the group vice president of marketing tasked with leading the growth and development of its brands across the world in the professional AV, hospitality and senior living industries.

Keen will be supported by a global marketing team with ONELAN’s Stephanie Scott appointed head of marketing for professional AV and Touchtown’s Christian Kratsas appointed to lead the hospitality and senior living business unit.

Uniguest Group’s chief revenue officer, Lee Horgan is delighted to have his global team in place ready for the start of 2020, “Following our acquisitions of Touchtown, ONELAN and Tripleplay we realized that we had some very talented, very knowledgeable marketers within those businesses and recognized we could bring that team together to create a world-class marketing team.

“We’ve seen the impact James, Stephanie and Christian have made at their respective brands and are delighted that they’ve all accepted leadership positions as we build towards a hugely exciting future for our business and our clients.”

Keen added, “I’m immensely proud of the part I’ve played in Tripleplay’s growth and am delighted to be given the opportunity to use that experience to help in the development of Uniguest, Touchtown and ONELAN and still stay part of Tripleplay’s success.

“I can’t wait to start the journey, supported by some very talented individuals in both the UK and the US, and have no doubt that we will create an incredible brand and business together.”

About Uniguest

Uniguest is a global leader in providing highly secure, fully managed engagement technology solutions to the hospitality, senior living, specialty retail, education, and corporate sectors. The Uniguest central content manager provides the horizontal platform to enable the vertical components required in its core markets. Uniguest is highly focused on creating deep client relationships as evidenced by its most recent NPS score of 77. Uniguest provides turnkey technology solutions that include hardware and software solution packages, system implementation, and 24/7/365 multi-lingual support.


ONELAN is a global leader in the development and management of enterprise-grade technology solutions for digital visual communication, including applications such as digital signage, wayfinding, data visualization and meeting room bookings. ONELAN’s robust, interactive solutions offer scalability and relevance across multiple market sectors, simplifying complex or diverse messages visualized on any device or display.

ONELAN is headquartered in the UK with a presence in Dubai, Germany, China, Poland, and North America. Visit for further details.

About Tripleplay

Tripleplay is a market leader in the development and delivery of IPTV, digital signage, and video streaming solutions. With over 5,000 server deployments worldwide and a global network of over 100 integration partners, Tripleplay is a genuine global business.

Tripleplay has vast experience in the sports and arena industry, banking and finance, hospitality and accommodation, as well as clients in several other industries. Its solutions include a full digital signage CMS, IPTV headend, mobile and desktop streaming and VOD apps, and an interactive portal solution for accommodation TV delivery.

Tripleplay is headquartered in the UK, with regional headquarters in Florida, Spain, Singapore, and the UAE with teams across the globe in strategic locations.

About Touchtown

Touchtown improves the quality of life through innovation and connectivity. Our solutions serve the entire community by improving resident wellness and happiness, reducing staff turnover, connecting families, and increasing occupancy.

More than 1,200 leading communities utilize our powerful content management software to publish content to a multitude of platforms from a single point of data entry. Touchtown-powered communities reach over 500,000 seniors, staff, prospects, and families through mobile applications, digital signs, in-room TV channels, calendars, websites, kiosks, and Alexa voice-assistants.



Media contact details:

Brittany Barr – Uniguest & Touchtown


Phone: 1-866-868-2486

Anna Roberts – Tripleplay & ONELAN


Phone: +44 (0) 845 094 3326

Attack Recovery: How to Properly Recover from a Cyberattack

Those four words no wants to hearYou have been hacked. As you begin to fight off a malicious hacker, you may find out you’re really facing more than one. Once you realize you’ve been breached, it’s time to quickly focus on recovery.  

Not all cyberattacks revolve around financial gain; sometimes the damage done is just for funMany attackers engage in recreational destruction by placing graffiti on digital signs, disabling your guestfacing systems, and shutting down your systems all together.  

If a franchise owner under large flagship holding company were to be breached, they would have to follow certain regulations on reporting the issue at hand appropriately. For the most part, the franchise owner would handle the issue themselves since they are an independent business. However, there are reporting expectations since it will be seen by the world as if the flagship company is the one compromised.  

Typically, during the recovery process, the flagship company would want to protect its reputation and reassurpeople the issue is not widespread. Simultaneously, the company would not assume any liability for the breach since they don’t own that franchise location and are not responsible for the breach occurring.  

In the case that it was an independent hotel facing this problem, they would have to take a slightly different approach of addressing it. 

Once you have determined that your system has been compromised, there are several things that must be done and asked to ensure the damage doesn’t escalate by answering these quantifying questions

Laying out the issue properly would require significant data gathering. Doing so can be done by conducting a forensic analysis on precisely what happened. Once that is completed, the property is better able to report the problem more accurately in addition to combating it effectively. 

If the problem were to cross the threshold of hurting more than 500 customers, the issue must be reported.  The state your property is located in determines whether you have to file a notice of breach as guidelines vary by state. However, depending on the industry, you would have to also report it to the industry’s regulating bodies. 

While all reports are being filed, the recovery process needs to begin. The first step being to close the holes and gaps found by the hacker. Next, rebuild the network. Once that is resolved, your property must investigate ways to prevent this from happening again in the future.  

Often, these investigations result in implementing the right kind of network controls and managing what a guest can and cannot access. Only operate with third-party cybersecurity vendors that test your network and your controls repeatedly, so the security controls don’t degrade over time.  

A good action to incorporate into your daily operation is to back up information so that if an issue occurs, you haven’t lost all your data. This is in addition to placing a backup off the network to ensure that your assets are safe.  

Cyber attackers have the opportunity to gain access to the sensitive information of your guests; if they obtain this access, they will abuse it. Information such as payment data and customer information are the kind of things that will be sent to an off-site location to be possibly sold on the dark web.  Prepare for the worst when working to secure your virtual assetsNot doing so could leave you open to a major attack. 


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